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Thread: Rockwell Axle Specifications, Dimensions, and Weights

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    Rockwell Axle Specifications, Dimensions, and Weights

    This thread is to discuss the dimensions, weights, and other specifications of the 2.5 Ton Rockwell Axle:

    Rockwell Axle General Specifications:
    Ring Gear Diameter: 10.25"
    Ring Gear Bolts: 8
    Axle Spline Count: 16
    Axle Shaft Diameter: 1.56" / 1.62"
    Axle Shaft Style: Full Float
    Pinion Support: Yes
    Pinion Adjustments: Shims
    Pinion Flange: 1480 U-Joint
    Gear Ratio: 6.72:1
    Dropout Carrier: Top Loading
    Bolt Pattern: 6 x 8.75"

    Rockwell Axle Dimensions and Weights:
    Front WMS to WMS: 69.5" or 79.5"
    Rear WMS to WMS: 69.5" or 79.5"
    Front Axle Weight: 690 lbs. w/o brakes
    Rear Axle Weight: 690 lbs. w/o brakes
    Center Chunk Weight: 215 lbs. loaded
    Center Chunk Height: 9.5" above axle tube

    Rockwell Axle Shaft Styles:
    U-Joint Axle Shafts: 3,600 lb. Static Load (Est.)
    Convel Joint Shafts: 4,300 lb. Static Load (Est.)
    Rezepa Joint Shafts: 3,200 lb. Static Load (Est.)

    Rockwell Axle Applications:
    1951+ M35A2 2.5-Ton Trucks (Front and Rear)
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